Clean Living

My Why.

As anxiety hit me like a ton of bricks out of nowhere a few years ago, I started researching why this mental illness was such an epidemic. Many social factors come into play: social media, our fast paced society, and social pressures. I expected those, but what I didn’t expect to find was how what we put in and on our body has played an incredible role in hormone changes, certain diseases, and moods. This is when I began my clean living journey.

First, no matter what your diet, food limitations, or nationality cuisine preferences are a whole food, plant-based diet is good for everyone. Simply put: eliminate processed foods and eat REAL food that God has provided on this earth. 

Secondly, did you know that the billion dollar beauty industry in the US only has two pages of  federal guidelines? In the EU, more than 1,500 potentially harmfully preservatives and ingredients are banned from beauty products. The US has only banned 30! Beauty Counter has made it their social mission and platform to change laws and NEVER use the 1,500+ potentially harmful ingredients without sacrificing quality in their products.

Knowing that what I’m putting not only on me, but my whole family, is safe, highly tested, and regulated makes it all worth it. Just because Beauty Counter doesn’t more than 1,500 ingredients, the quality and effectiveness of their products is not affected. They have been proven winners by Allure, Marie Claire, and Forbes; even Megan Markle swears by BC’s facial oils!

I would love to answer any questions you have about Beauty Counter or their products. Just message me through Instagram or Facebook or email me at .

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