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Feelings of Joy

September 5, 2016 is a day I will never forget.

We were finishing up a summer long kitchen remodel when I found out that a close friend took a positive pregnancy test that morning. I was a few days late, but didn’t think much about it. With my friend’s news, I decided to take a test as well. Why not? I casually snuck away from framing out a doorway to take a test that I failed several times before with sure confidence that it was going to end in the same result.


“Maybe this test is defective,” I thought to myself.

“I’ll take another one.”


“Oh my goodness, I’m pregnant.”

“Thank you, God!”

My hands started to shake. I slowly walked back out into the work zone to show Patrick. “What? We’re going to have a baby?!” We didn’t know what to say or do, so after a brief moment of shock and excitement, we went back to work.

News like this takes time to sink in for us, obviously, but after it did, we haven’t stopped thinking and talking about it since.

Many of our conversations ended with us concluding that we were having a boy. We really had no preference. At least I didn’t. I just kind of always saw myself as a boy mom. Even before I was pregnant I had dreams of the baby being a boy, except one dream around 11 or 12 weeks which really threw me off.

After the weeks of being nauseous passed and a couple of successful doctor’s appointments were checked off, I was good to go. I had my 16 week appointment set for the Tuesday before Thanksgiving, and the doctor’s office called a couple weeks early saying that my doctor would like to do an ultrasound. I knew there would be a chance to find out the gender, but I tried my very best not to get my hopes up. Luckily the baby was very active, healthy, and exposed.

“It’s a girl!”

Excitement and shock ran through me. As I stated above, my mind was thinking it was a boy, and the majority of our family and friends had guessed boy as well. But, wow, I’m going to have a daughter! I’m absolutely filled with joy. I would’ve been no matter the outcome, but the news of the baby being a girl just makes sense now that I really think about it. I really can’t even explain why it makes sense. It just does.

God has blessed me in so many ways and continues to on a daily basis, but this feels like the biggest blessing I’ve ever received. Patrick and I are filled with all the emotions, but mostly sheer joy. Our constant prayer is for her health and mine as well. The most substantial thing I’ve learned so far is that God truly is in control of all things. From the moment I found out I was pregnant, it was almost as if I heard His voice saying that it is all in His hands. There’s absolutely nothing I can do, besides take care of myself, which can change the health of this baby. God already has everything planned, and honestly, it’s such a burden lifted. I’m thankful that I worship a God who loves our baby more than we ever could, which is unfathomable.

As of this week, I’m half way though this pregnancy.  September 5 feels just like it was yesterday, and I’m sure May 7 will be here in a blink of an eye.

Time, please slow down. I want to cherish every moment I get to feel this baby girl grow.  Dad describes his feelings here.


Photos courtesy of Kayla Jones (Kayla Joy Photography)

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