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Kitchen Sconce Obsession and a Roundup

When most people think of sconces, they typically picture them surrounding built-in bookcases, hanging above bedside tables, or illuminating a bathroom vanity. A trend that I’m absolutely loving right now is sconces in the kitchen! It’s a bit unconventional, but they can add loads of charm to any kitchen. I’ve seen them highlighting open shelves, hugging a kitchen sink window, and a personal favorite, hanging above a kitchen sink.

Monika Hibbs

Before our kitchen remodel, we had a long fluorescent bulb hidden behind a dated cabinet valance. You can check out the before here. Pendants are a popular choice for a good reason, but after seeing a few swing arm sconces and single sconce options, I was hooked. This obviously meant that we had to move our electrical source down the wall from the ceiling, cut a hole to fit a new fixture, and patch up the ceiling, but I felt not one bit of guilt when my husband and a friend sweated over this task in the heat of a Southern summer.

After rummaging home improvement stores and the World Wide Web, I finally found this gem!

This is how well I pay attention to detail: we cut the hole in the wall on demolition week. I ordered the sconce a couple weeks later without even looking at the measurements of the fixture. Do you see how it fits snuggly between the window and ceiling? It was pure luck, y’all. It will never happen again in my lifetime that something fits so perfectly without measuring. Don’t do like Diana. Measure, measure, and measure again!

Décor Pad

Swing arm sconces are some of favorites, but due to the lack of space from the window to the ceiling, it just wasn’t going to work out in my kitchen. They’re such a beautiful option if you have the ceiling height for them.

Apartment Therapy

Sconces above the sink add a modern design detail to any kitchen. They not only provide much needed kitchen illumination, but they add a spotlight on beautiful, shiny faucets, porcelain farmhouse sinks, or detailed, craftsman trim. When thinking about changing out or adding new kitchen lighting, consider a sconce instead of the go-to pendant.

Here is my roundup of some super stylish, yet affordable sconces.
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Do you share a similar love of the use of sconces in the kitchen? Share some of your favorite pin links and sources below!


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