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Quirky Etsy Finds: Home Decor Edition

Today, I’m sharing a new series that rounds up a specific group of my favorites: quirky Etsy finds.

Being a home decor and DIY blogger, I follow tons of other blogs in the same niche who post gorgeous photos of their designs and renovations. I see so many beautiful textured pillows, modern printed wallpaper, and refinished antique pieces, which I adore, but it’s nice to see something that is playful and quirky every once in a while. Unfortunately, sense of humor is often an overlooked part of home decor.

I, personally, love to add a bit of quirk to each room. Whether it’s tiny cat prints in a modern frame or fairy gardens with roaming wild animals, adding playfulness to your design can express your personality and add a weird sense of coziness, or just a fun conversation piece, to your space. I’ve been saving some of my favorite quirky Etsy items over the past several weeks that will hopefully either find a place in your home or just brighten your day a bit

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Concrete elements are very popular right now. Why not add a concrete baby doll head to your shelf or book case?

On my Etsy sprees, certain items really brighten my day. They may not be items I want to recreate or add to my cart, but I have great admiration for someone who creates quirky, creative products.


What a nice surprise a happy manatee would be every morning while finishing up your cup of coffee?


This print was in my cart for weeks when designing the nursery. I was determined to find a place on the wall for this sweet rabbit, but it just wasn’t meant to be for now.


A plant I can never kill. This would also be great in a kid’s room or nursery.


A dinosaur terrarium is on my must-have list. I have a terrarium that I change out seasonally, and this one gave my loads of inspiration for my next terrarium theme!


Etsy is not only a place for me to find beautiful handmade pieces, it’s also a place where I gather tons of inspiration. Being a DIYer and super cheap thrifty, I always think of ways to recreate things that catch my eye. Sometimes it feels like I rarely have an original idea, so inspirational pictures are a must for me. Etsy fills that inspirational hole.

What quirky things have you found on Etsy? How have you added quirky, playful elements to your home decor?

Let me know in the comments below.


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