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How to Make Labels with Clear Contact Paper

I’m the messy one of the two in my house. When things are organized and put away where they belong, a sense of joy fills me up, but I’m not always the one to put away said things. One of many reasons why a house gets messy is because there’s not always a clearly marked home for certain things. This is why labels are my friends.

Who has a label maker or Cricut machine? I’m not one of the lucky few, so when it came to wanting inexpensive labels for our pantry drawers, I had to get a little creative.


This tutorial can be customized to any size or shape and can be used in many different areas in your home.

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Create your Design

I use Canva for most of my graphics. You can easily customize nearly every feature of your graphic, and most of the features and templates are free. I used this specific template for my labels. Once you’re happy with your design, you can download and print each image.

You can also create your own labels by using old-fashioned pens and markers. 🙂

Cut to Correct Size

Cut your paper down to fit your surface. Then you’ll cut 2 pieces of clear contact paper. The first one needs two be roughly 1″-2″ larger around the sides than the label.  The second piece needs to be slightly smaller than your first leaving about 1/2″ smaller on the sides. See the image below if you’re more of a visual person like myself.

Piece Together

You will lay your first (larger) piece of contact paper sticky side UP. Place your label face DOWN on this piece. Then you will take your second (smaller) piece of contact paper and lay it sticky side DOWN on top of your label. Leaving 1/4″-1/2″ around the sides of the bottom piece will allow you just enough stickiness to attach it to your surface.


The good thing about contact paper is that it sticks to your surface securely, but it can also be removed easily if you need to replace the label.




Labels are just one way to organize your pantry. Check back tomorrow. I’ll be sharing more tips on how to make your pantry the most functional space in your kitchen!

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