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3 Lessons I’ve Learned with a Newborn

Welcome to the world, Olive Bell!

Olive arrived on May 11 at 8:50 pm. The past 11 days have been a whirlwind of emotions. I never realized how big of a blessing she would be until I laid my eyes on her. There have been days filled with joy and worry, and nights with sweet grins and cries. Every high and low is all worth it knowing that I get to call this sweet girl my daughter.

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I wanted to share 3 lessons I’ve already learned in motherhood since I have clocked in so many hours so far…


ONE / The little things can wait.

I’m a task person. When I get something on my mind, I need to check it off as soon as possible. It’s usually not just one thing but a list of tasks to get done as soon as they come to mind. I’ve learned quickly that those things can wait in order to soothe my daughter or just simply watch her sleep. I’m not going to get these moments back, so the clothes that have been sitting in the dryer for 2 days can wait just one more day in order for me to cherish the sweet moments with Olive…or just to take a much needed nap.

TWO / Love has a whole new dimension.

There are many dimensions of love. The love I have for my husband and the love I have for beautiful white kitchens are completely different, but I still love them both. I never knew what it was like to have love for a child until I had my own. It’s unique from any other love that I have. It’s the kind of love that makes me want to protect her from any harm or bad things that could come her way. It’s the kind of love that makes it easy to put my own needs aside to put her needs first. It’s unconditional and self-sacrificing. I will remind her every day of her life of this love I have for her.

THREE / A good father is the best thing a girl could have.

Olive and I are so lucky that Patrick gets to be home for a few weeks to bond and love on us both. Parenting is a two person job. I could not do this by myself. Patrick has taken care of so many chores around the house as well as loved and soothes our girl in the mornings so that I can get another hour or two of much appreciated sleep. She is already wrapped around his little finger, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. The value of a good father does amazing things for a girl, and Olive sure is lucky to have an incredible father who will visibly show her his love every single day.

Though by no means is taking care of a newborn easy, but it’s a challenge that is worth every moment. I pray that we can take care of our child and show her the Lord for many, many years to come. God has blessed us way beyond what we deserve with this sweet gem, and I’m looking forward to watching her grow into a precious young lady and a child of God.

If you missed her nursery reveal, make sure to check it out here.


As for now, I ask that you bare with me as I form a whole new routine. I’m hoping to get back to a regular blogging schedule within the next few weeks. As for now, a special little girl deserves my attention.

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