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Porch Light and House Number Pairings | Porch Refresh Seried Ed. 2

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Welcome back to the Porch Refresh Series! Last week I shared some of my favorite porches that fit several different styles (check it out HERE). For the remainder of the series, I want to share products and tips on how to achieve a refreshed look for your own front porch.

If you’re looking to give your front door a little face-lift and add some fresh curb appeal to your home, I’ve paired up some of my favorite exterior sconces and house numbers to hopefully inspire you to take the leap! All you need is a toolbox and a helping hand with some electrical know-how. These two steps of are easy ways to make a huge impact on your front porch and curb appeal.


1// Light, Number   2// Light, Number   3// Light, Number   4// Light, Number  

5// Light, Number


When looking for lighting, think about the style of your home’s exterior style (i.e. craftsman, traditional, farmhouse, bungalow, modern, etc.). It’s okay to stretch the box a bit if you like craftsman-style lights but live in a traditional home, but installing super modern lights on a farmhouse might stick out a bit more than you would like.

If you have a modern farmhouse home, pair 2 or 5 would be a perfect fit. Likewise, a traditional home may be best suited with either pairing 1 or 3. A modern or new-age home would look stunning with pairing 4. All of these are just suggestions and each pairing could be used on so many types of homes. For example, I have a more traditional home, but I’m eyeing pairing 5 down as if it’s going to disappear.

Which one is your favorite? Let me know in the comments below. 

// Porch Inspirations for Every Style | Porch Refresh Series Ed. 1  \\

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