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How to Fill Outdoor Planters + Container Round-up | Porch Refresh Series Ed. 3


One item that adds the most charm to your front porch is a beautifully filled planter, yet so many people shy away from them because they can be intimidating. My goal is to break things down into 3 easy steps and give you 3 easy ideas to fill you planters. Oh, and I also have a few of my favorite planters for you to check out at the end!

Keep It Simple

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One of the most simple ways to fill a planter is by placing a large fern in it. It’s classic, simple, and easy to maintain. Ferns come in all shapes and sizes. There’s even one that basically sticks straight up if you’re looking for one with some height!


Grow a Tree

Depending on your climate, there are several small trees that you can grow in pots. I’m currently doing this indoors with a Fiddle Leaf Fig and an olive tree. If you live in warmer climates, these can easily grow outside. You can also grow citrus, dogwoods, Japanese maples, and many types of evergreens. (In the picture above, it looks like it may be a type of olive tree. Let me know otherwise.)


Think in Thirds

One of my favorite ways to fill a container is with a variety of ferns and flowering plants. My go to formula, and the formula that so many people use, is the Thriller, Spiller, and Filler.

Via | Southern Living

Thrillers | taller grasses or ferns (asparagus fern is my personal favorite!)

Spillers | draping flowering or non-flowering plant that will cascade down the container (I love Creeping Jennies!)

Fillers | Any favorite flowering plant. Mix-and-match colors or stick with one color. (Begonias are one of the most hardy.)

Here’s a super handy cheat sheet for you!



Planter Round – Up

If you now have a boost of confidence to add a couple planters to your front porch, I’ve rounded-up a few of my favorites to hopefully save you a trip and some time!


1// Home Depot  |  2// CB23// Target  |  4// Target5// World Market

(Some links are affiliated for your ease of shopping.)


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