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5 Ways to Design a Beautiful, Affordable Nursery

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No matter if you’re expecting your first or fifth baby, we all want a cozy, safe, yet beautiful space to bring our baby home to. It can be intimidating to browse through Pinterest or Instagram and see all of these beautifully designed baby rooms. Many of us think, “I need to buy diapers instead of spending money on a rug!” While this is true, I wanted to share 5 easy ways to get the nursery of your dreams for far fewer pennies than you thought. It just takes a little time and creativity.

1 | Plan, Plan, Plan

In all of my DIY and design ventures, I find that I spend the most money on poorly planned projects. In order to avoid this, you first need to come up with a dollar amount that works for your family’s budget, then go to Pinterest to creat a board specifically for nursery ideas. If you don’t have time to search and pin, I have a full Nursery Ideas Board HERE. Once you’ve pinned several images, it’s quite easy to get an overall idea of the kind of nursery you’re going for in terms of style and color.



To check out the other 4 steps in creating your affordable, dream nursery, go to Chattanooga Moms Blog where I detail each step!
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