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Splurge vs. Save | Outdoor Hanging Chairs + Modern Porch Swings

Photo via | Serena & Lily

There’s a modern yet midcentury vintage twist on the classic porch swing – the hanging egg chair. Today, I’ve rounded up several budget-friendly hanging chairs that hopefully makes your wallet a little happier than some of the popular options you may see floating out there on Pinterest and Instagram. Consider this your Splurge vs. Save Outdoor Hanging Chair Edition!

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The hanging outdoor chair is a great option for a slim porch like ours. I have 45″ to work with, which is much too narrow for a traditional porch swing. Egg chairs, on the other hand, are usually 42″ or less.

Splurge-Worthy Options

Let’s start with these stunners from Serena & Lily. They are the queen of the outdoor hanging chair, and their price tags show it! The one below is what convinced me that I needed a hanging chair on our small front porch instead of a porch swing.

Image via |Addison’s Wonderland
Chair | Serena & Lily

There’s also this gorgeous black stripe option that I’ve seen all over Instagram.

via | Serena & Lily

A couple other notable mentions above include this hanging chair pod from CB2 and this vintage inspired chair from Anthropologie. Both have great reviews and loved by many, so if you have it in your budget to spend $600 plus on an outdoor chair, do it! Send me pictures so that I can drool over your beautiful chair. 🙂

Like I mentioned, each one is nearly $600 +. I just knew (and hoped) that there were more affordable options out there, and there are! So I’ve rounded up some of my favorite finds and also a few modern swing options if you’re just not into the “egg chair”.

Save-Worthy Options

The first one I have to mention is this double hanging chair from Hayneedle (also found at Walmart). It’s the closest dupe to the Serena & Lily one I love so much and $150 less! This one is the largest option, being the double seater, and it’s 43″ wide. It would be PERFECT for our porch, but $458 still is outside of our outdoor furniture pretend budget.

Going from high to low, this next option is the cheapest one out them all at $106. It’s also the smallest, which would be perfect for small porches. It would also look great if you placed two side by side with a small table or plant in between.

If you loved the hanging pod from CB2, this chair from Hayneedle would be an excellent dupe at literally HALF the price ($399). It comes with a stand, but I believe it could also be hung from the ceiling as well. It has the deep cushioned seat that you could just sink into with a cup of coffee and a good book on a brisk Saturday morning. Also, the stand is a great option for those without a roof or covering on your porch or deck.

So this next one I hesitate to share, but I just love it so much. It’s a boho inspired hanging chair from Pier 1 for $299 (my dreams!!), but the reviews aren’t great. It has hundreds of reviews and most of them are positive, but there are also several stating that the cording came unraveled after a year or two. I realize you get what you pay for, but I would still want it to last for many years. Aside from the few negative reviews, I’ve also heard amazing things about how cozy this chair is. It comes in many different colors as well. If you’re willing to take a risk on the cording, this is an awesome option. Just pick up a bottle of Gorilla Glue as well.

via Pier 1

Ok, I saved the best for last. This chair from Target is a steal at $199. It’s bold and so stunning. I’m just waiting for an additional sale to snatch this one up. I’ll keep you post when I catch it on sale. Make sure to follow me one Instagram, so you won’t miss it!

via Target

Modern Porch Swing Options

And for those of you still yearning for a classic porch swing yet with a modern twist, here are 4 excellent, budget friendly options.

1 || Walmart – $109 2|| Walmart – $225 3|| Hayneedle – $249 4|| Amazon – $123

Sending you all the good hanging chair and porch swing vibes!


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