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How to Make Your Outdoor Space Extra Cozy for Cheap + My Revamped Porch

An outdoor space can solely sell a home. Most of us dream about having a space outside to entertain or just relax in the evenings, so I wanted to share a few of my tips to make your space EXTRA COZY by using items you probably already have. Also, and where I’ll start, is showing you my recent revamped screened-in porch.

My Revamped Porch

For starters, here was our porch before I decided it wasn’t at its best.

Ninety percent of the items out here were free hand-me-downs that I spruced up with spray paint. I put them all in a place that I felt made sense at the time we moved in and moved on to other areas inside our home. It wasn’t until I bought an $8 lantern and brought home a new rug (which didn’t work) that I decided to change everything around. 


Bringing inside furniture out and creating cozy corners instead of a center focus has now made this space multi-functional and much more inviting. 

As I was brainstorming on how to make this space extra cozy, a few ideas and tips came to mind that I wanted to pass onto you.

4 Tips for Making Your Outdoor Space Extra Cozy

1 | Bring the Indoors Out

This tip is all about my favorite thing: REPURPOSING. Think outside the box when it comes to furniture if you have a covered or screened-in area. I added our old dresser to our porch for added storage (mainly for bubbles & outside toys). It also makes it feel more like an actual room instead of a porch.

You can also add lamps, chairs, and decor that you would normally have indoors. You just need to shop your home and rethink items that could have a new life outside.

2 | Add Textures Wherever You Can

Adding texture is a tip I live by in every room in the house, but it’s also a great way to cozy up an outdoor space as well. All of these pillows except the ones on the chaise are indoors pillows sprayed with Scotch Guard.


You don’t just have to look for “outdoor” pillows especially if you have a covered space. Blankets are another great way to bring added warmth to your space. Just make sure to bring these items inside during the winter months. 

3 | Illuminate, Lighten Up, Make It Bright

Can you tell I want to emphasis the importance of lighting? A thrifted lamp can go a long ways on a porch. Also consider candles, lanterns, and string lights to illuminate your space and make it feel extra cozy and inviting. 


4 | Mix Up Your Plants

Mixing up your plants means to not only vary the heights but to vary the real and faux plants as well. Adding green to every space adds to that texture I was talking about above, but most importantly, it makes your area feel like a true outdoor space.


I love to mix the faux and real plants even inside my home. The faux plants obviously last all year long, which makes your space feel alive even in the colder months. The real plants add actual life to your space though, so a mix is key.


I would love to add a few hanging plants or even a tree on porch for added depth. By mixing up the heights of your plants, it allows the eye to move through the entire space and makes your room feel larger.

Future Plans

This revamp took about 45 minutes to switch around the furniture and restyle. There’s obviously a lot more that I could do, so I here’s a few things I have in mind.

1 | Add hanging plants as mentioned above

2 | Paint exterior door going back into the house (it needs it badly!)

3 | Replace glider with a daybed 

4 | Hang outdoor curtains on one side to block evening sun

For now, I’m satisfied though.

I’d love to hear your outdoor space plans below!


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