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How to Easily Add Warmth to Any Room

office family room

Whenever you scroll through Pinterest or Instagram and a space catches your eye, it usually has one consistent element that stops you in your tracks every time: WARMTH. 

These are a few of my favorite designers who incorporate this warmth factor into every space.

via | Amber Interiors

via | house_1924

via | Studio Mcgee

Can you see the common element of cozy textures and the feeling that just makes you want to live in the picture?

Having a warm and cozy environment not only welcomes guests, but it also creates peace, safety, and comfort for your family. Creating this environment can be easy, affordable, and most likely, you have these items already in your home.

I recently rethought the design of our office/family room when it didn’t feel finished, inviting, or a place where I wanted to relax. Do you ever have those feelings about a space in your home?

Here is a before of our space:

office before

The pillows were picked and torn, the art didn’t flow, and the messy bookshelf stressed me out. With the help of Loloi, I had a fresh perspective for this space that would add warmth without having to rearrange and buy all new things. 

office family room


Here are my 4 easy tips to curating a space filled with warmth and coziness in your home:

1 | Simplify

loloi pillows

Simply by taking things off the walls and shelves can free up your eye and mind to relax. It’s in us all to want to add something to every wall in our home, but keeping some negative space allows your mind to rest as your eyes scan a room. 

Also, I spray painted our thrifted orange lamp with oil rubbed bronze to help the space flow and also to add a grounding element.

2 | Pillows and Blankets

loloi pillows

As I mentioned, our pillows were tethered and had seen their last days. I partnered with Loloi to freshen up the space and add an element of warmth to our space with two of their Magnolia Home pillows. It’s amazing how a couple pillows can transform a space! They’re incredibly well-made and will stand the test of time with two kids. Not only that, but they make me want to cozy up on the couch, which relays a welcoming feeling for our guests as well. 

loloi pillows

By mixing the size of pillows along with the textures and coordinating colors, it can make any dull couch pop with coziness!

office family room

And don’t forget about the blankets! What’s a good sitting area without a blanket to cozy up to. Think about the texture and color of the blanket and how it will go with your space. I would avoid blankets with loud prints, inexpensive fleece blankets, or seasonal colors. Instead, consider spending your money on a well-made blanket with cozy textures, neutral colors, and subtle designs. 


3 | Rethink Your Wall Color

(Paint Color: Wintersweet Grey by Sherwin Williams)

If you’ve been around a while, you know that I’m all for transforming a room with a can of paint! Color is everything when it comes to adding a warm, cozy vibe to your home. There are a wide range of warm colors no matter what base you use. For example, gray can either make a room feel modern and stark or warm and inviting. The same applies to white. Paint stores are usually pretty good about dividing cool and warm tones, but here are 6 of my favorite warm white and gray paint choices to help get you started:

warm gray and white paint

4 | Textures, Art, & Wood

This is the ultimate way to add warmth to your space! Consider adding: 1| Art that tells a story or has dimension, 2| a mix of textures with your pillows, throws, and rug, and 3| a natural wood element can make any space feel like home.
via | housesevendesign


What space in your home could use a little touch of warmth and coziness? Now is the perfect time to refresh a room with warmth going into the fall season!



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