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Creating a Classic Modern Bedroom Design with AllModern

Inspiration via Studio McGee

Don’t we all crave an inviting, comfortable bedroom that sets the mood for a good night’s sleep? Colors, fabrics, and lighting all play a big role in getting that much needed deep sleep. A classic, modern design will likely never go out of style and can easily be adapted from season-to-season or mood-to-mood.

I’m excited to show you some changes coming in my bedroom in a couple weeks, but for now this style is what had inspired me the most.

(This post is in partnership with AllModern. All thoughts and opinions are my own.)

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Breaking Down the Design


Bed – A neutral upholstered bed will last for ages. It can be mixed with nearly any style and is a must-have for this classic feel. This upholstered bed from AllModern is such a great price for the classic style.

Night Stands – having a place to set your water cup and book before closing your eyes is a must. This piece is modern with its sleek lines and hardware yet classic with its weave textured drawers – perfect for achieving the modern classic look.

Bench – This bench is a dream with the velvety deep green fabric. It sets the warm color mood for the bedding and any art added to the space.

Texture + Fabrics

Rug – A traditional printed rug complements the modern lines of the night stands and bed. Mixing design styles is what makes a space feel warm and lived in if done correctly. You just can’t go wrong with a traditional rug. 

Bedding – Keep it neutral. It’s a motto I will live by when it comes to bedding for the foreseeable future. Add your color with throws, pillows, and sheets. Think of it as a blank canvas with lots of texture. 

Throw – A fur throw is a must when creating a warm, cozy vibe. Casually throw this blanket at the end of your bed to complete your modern, traditional look.

Lighting + Accessories

Lamp +Sconce – Lighting is what elevates any room, and it certainly is the main source for mood. Whether you go with the plug-in or hardwired sconce looks (which I’m currently loving), or the classic lamp, having a lighting source for either side of the bed adds the balance to complete the space.

Shelves – Shelves can be hung on either side of the bed or adjacent wall for added storage or a place to layer art. Think of these as your functional design art piece for the space.


Pillows – This is where you add your personality and texture. By layering colors of the same tone and mixing up the texture and pattern, it brings your space to life. 




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