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Disclosure| this post is sponsored by AllModern. All thoughts, opinions, and ideas are my own.

Our bedside sets us up for optimal sleep. Just think about it. It’s the space that provides valuable function in our bedroom with a surface to rest our water, books, journals, diffusers, and all the other items we choose to keep near us the longest. Our bedsides also flank the style of our bedrooms as well. With so many options of tables, lamps, etc., it can be hard to set up this area to best suit our needs and style, so let’s talk about the anatomy of a bedside.

The Anatomy of a Bedside

Bedside Tables (i.e. nightstands)

There are two types of bedside tables: those with functional storage and those with a minimal surface. Each serves a purpose.

For me, I prefer storage in my bedside tables to hold my journals, pens, and books. That’s why I chose this 1-drawer nightstand with classic lines and modern hardware from AllModern. A nightstand with drawers is best for someone needing a bit more storage in their room, or someone like me who needs a place to stash their junk…I mean books!

A minimal surface nightstand is perfect for those looking for a place to set their water cup and book without visually crowding the room. These are great for smaller spaces or for one with a clean, minimalist style. 


Also, let’s quickly talk about mix-and-match nightstands. A coordinating pair of nightstands totally provides character to any space. I would consider keeping them roughly the same style and color family. 



Now that you have your perfect table, what do you put on it? For me, it’s all about functional beauty. With my diffuser, simple art, a plant, and picture, I’ve kept my space clean with items that promote good sleep.

It’s nice to have a picture of a good memory next to your bed so that it can be the first and last thing you see at the beginning and end of your day. We also like to diffuse different oils that promote good sleep most nights. A live plant filters the air, so it’s nice to have one close to you as you sleep. And simple art adds style if there’s space available. 



A lighting source is critical to provide soft ambient lighting as you wind down. Whether it’s a pair of lamps or sconces, choose lighting that enhances your space.

For my space, I chose these brass plug-in sconces to anchor the bed since I prefer no art above my headboard. They add height and weight to the wall that was much needed. Plug-in or hardwired sconces inexpensively give you that hotel or resort vibe in your own home!

Lamps are also great options if you have the space on your nightstand. Matching is great, but consider a mix-and-match feel as well. Also, my rule of thumb for lamps is to find one with a substantial base to add more style with less stuff to your space!

So what is your beside hero? Is it a functional nightstand that perfectly fits all of your bedside necessities or the perfect pair of sconces that gives you that ambient glow as you wind down after a long day?



Plug-In Sconces

Lumbar Pillow




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