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Don’t Be Afraid of Wallpaper | A Novice DIYer Guide to Hanging Wallpaper

floral wallpaper

Love the look of wallpaper, but you’re too intimated to hang it yourself or don’t want to dish out the extra $$$ for someone else to hang it? I’m here to eliminate your wallpaper fears and boost your confidence that you can hang that wallpaper you’ve been eyeing for months!


This post is sponsored by Photowall Sweden. All and opinions are my own.

Choosing Your Wall

If you’re a novice wallpaper hanger, my most important tip is to choose a simple wall. Does it have more than one window or obstacles that you would have to goo around? If yes, then maybe start on a different wall. 

Our first wallpaper job was in our breakfast nook, and it was ambitious to say the least. We had three windows and two angles. We didn’t use one solid sheet that we didn’t have to cut and manipulate. Don’t be us. Choose a simple wall. 

For example, the wall in our entryway is a simple wall with only one outlet (outlets are simple to cut out by the way). I did the entire project by myself in about 2 hours, and I’m certainly no pro!

Clean, Prep, and Prepare Your Tools

First, you will want to patch any holes and scrape any peeling paint. Then, take a damp microfiber cloth and wipe down your surface. 

When you order from Photowall Sweden, you will give them the exact dimensions of your wall adding 2-4 inches. The wallpaper will arrive in one roll with numbered sheets that you will cut. It makes the process SO.MUCH.EASIER! Cut out all of your sheets, roll them up, and have them ready before you begin. 

I also recommend ordering the wallpaper kit. You will use every tool in the box. They’re good quality, and it’s nice to have everything you need to do the job right in one box. 

Start Out Straight

wallpaper install

To insure that your entire wall will be hung straight, getting a straight line on your first sheet is crucial. In order to do this, I simply just took one of my rolled up sheets, place it on the edge of my wall and marked my wall from top to bottom. I then got my 3′ level and traced a straight line with a pencil. You will line your first sheet up to this line. The rest should follow suit.

Paste the Entire Section

A quick but important step is to paste the entire section plus some.

floral wallpaper

Photowall Sweden sends a powdered paste that you will mix with water. Using the pasting brush, coat the width of the wallpaper plus a few inches so that you’re not having to brush more paste next to the wallpaper for the next sheet. 

Give Yourself Some Wiggle Room

LEARN FROM MY MISTAKE! Give yourself 3-4 inches top and bottom to forgive any uneven walls. I didn’t leave enough wallpaper on top at the beginning, and by the time I made it to the end there was about a 1-2″ gap on top. It was frustrating and not ideal. I ended up patching it with leftover paper, and you really can’t notice in the big picture, but still. Ugh. 

Moral: leave enough wallpaper on the top and bottom. 

The Application

Once the sheet are cut, the line is drawn, and the paste in on, you’re ready to roll! I will say it again because it’s so important, start the wallpaper with a few inches overlapping the top. Lay it on the wall and adjust it to the line drawn. Smooth it with your hands from the middle out. 

The rest of the wall should be a breeze. Paste the entire section and simply line up the pattern and butt the seams together (do not overlap!). Once the sheet is smoothed out and in place, take your seam roller (my favorite tool!) and roll over the seam to get it nice and crisp. 

Cut the Edges

Once you’re finished with your wall, take your straight edge and razor to off the excess. Don’t rush the part. Taking it slow and steady will pay off with a nice straight, crisp edge in the end. 

The most important thing is to have a sharp blade. If you’re using your own razor, make sure to start with a new blade. 

Re-paste Where Needed


Once the excess is off, the corners and edges may need a little extra paste. I pulled back the corners and applied a bit of paste with my brush then rolled the corners and edges with my seam roller. 

Enjoy Your Hard Work!

You did it! See, it wasn’t that bad was it? I promise, if I can do this by myself, so can you. You just have to set a date, get your tools together, put some music on, and do it. 

wallpaper entry


Products Used

Photowall Sweden – Floralium Yellow

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