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Projects Reflections and Projections… by Dimes

Holidays are a time to give, decompress and enjoy the time with those closest to you in life’s journey.  They are also a time for reflection.  So, I am spending some time self-assessing to goals set this past year and forming a few for 2017.  I had written down 19 specific goals for 2016 and achieved 11.  I’m not sure this is a success only completing 58% of my goals, but I am doing my best to live life deliberately (not perfectly) for the creator.

Around the home, 2016 has felt to me as “the year of the light fixture”.  Maybe it’s the lingering pain in my neck from standing on a ladder staring at various sections of my ceiling while installing these fixtures, but I look forward the prospect of replacing less in the upcoming year.  Also, have I told you I’m excited about being a new father in 2017?  In the spirit of reflection and goals, here is a quick look at 3 home projects: one completed, one in-process, and one not yet started.

A PROJECT completed and well done

It takes me awhile to buy in on a project concept that Diana has and even longer to feel enthusiasm about the task.  I get excited once my hands get dirty and a mess is made.  That is the point where I’m all in, no questions asked, just give me a mess.  The kitchen project was no exception to this rule, and boy was it worth the sweat and splinters.  My next several posts will describe projects specific to the kitchen renovation in-depth!

A PROJECT in-process for a special someone

The nursery plans are in full swing for baby girl!  Most of my help will come in the form of assembling the crib and moving around the big stuff to just the right places.  I do plan to enhance the room by installing crown molding and maybe some closet organization project because this girl already has accumulated an impressive wardrobe.  I bought these dolls at a Christmas market in Budapest last month; liked them so much that I couldn’t leave with just one.

A PROJECT desperately needing my attention


Our exterior deck is literally falling apart in places. We love to have friends over, but the deck makes me nervous on a summer night when we play ball in the yard and need to use our shoes as home plate.  Clearly this is a safety concern (especially since we’re expecting some little feet of ours crawling around here soon).  My lovely wife has big plans to transform the outdoor space. To get started, I plan to assess the extent of the damage from years of neglect starting well before we made the home ours.  More to come here, wish me luck.

What projects do you have on deck for 2017?


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