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January Highlights

We’ve made it to the end of the first month of the year. The story of how time flies never goes away, and this month was no exception. I wanted to highlight a few products that have captured my attention this past month and graciously pass them on to you!

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  1. Brining Up Bebe by Pamela Druckerman

As many of you know, Patrick and I are expecting our first child in May. Read all about it here. I was watching Mimi Ikon’s Pregnancy Favorites video, and she mentioned several books she read while pregnant and Bringing Up Bebe was one of her favorites. I had heard of this book before and was intrigued. Pamela Druckerman, an American mother, was raising her child in France and noticed how different French babies were to typical American babies. They tend to sleep better, eat better, and learn to be independent much quicker. She lays out her findings and how the French’s parenting philosophy differs from American’s. It’s been engaging, humorous, and truly eye-opening.

Have you read this book? If so, what did you think?

  1. Wet-n-Wild 1 Step Wonder Gel Polish

I bought a couple shades of this polish when it first came out about a year ago and was super impressed. It lasted for a good 6-7 days with no chipping. I quickly forgot about it until my mom bought me several shades for Christmas. I’ve gotten several gel manicures, and for some reason, the entire polish just peels off my fingernails about 4 or 5 days in. I’ve taken an oath to never get another gel manicure ever… unless a friend invites me. I applied Wet-n-Wild’s Stay Classy, my new favorite shade, a few weeks ago, and it did not even start to show wear until day 5. That’s incredible for a $4 nail polish! You can usually catch this stuff on sale at Walgreens or CVS too. I apply two coats and a clear top coat. It’s well worth your hard-earned pennies!

  1. Elizabeth Ashlie Dainty Star Necklace – Similar

I’ve been a fan of Elizabeth Ashlie’s jewelry for a while now. I first ordered her monthly jewelry box, The Dearly Box, about a year ago. You can set up a profile and choose what style of jewelry you like, and she sends you 3-5 pieces that fit your style and profile preferences. I’ve ordered another box since and received this dainty star necklace. It’s so perfect for me. It has a silver chain and gold star, so it goes with everything. It’s also so dainty and simple, which is my personal preference when it comes to jewelry. It’s my go-to necklace, and, as with many months, has brought me joy in January.

Nails – Wet-n-Wild Stay Classy / Necklace – Elizabeth Ashlie (Similar)

  1. Knitted Wall Hangings

These are truly my current obsession. I’ve saved several of them on one of my Pinterest boards because I’m determined to make one for the Girl’s nursery. Every time I see one on Instagram, I just sit and gawk over it for a long, glorious moment. I’ve listed a gorgeous one below that you can purchase for $95, or there’s a couple at Target for less the $30. I’ll let you know how the DIY attempt goes soon. If you’ve DIYed one, help please!

Undecorated Home – Instagram  /

 Product Link Here

House of Six Interiors Instagram

One – The Dharma Door ($95)  /   Two – Target ($29.99)  /   Three – Target ($19.99)


Did a product stand out to you in January? Comment below some of your favorites!

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