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How to Shop for Affordable Lamps

how to find affordable lamps

The right lighting can add an extra dimension of design in any room. You don’t want to solely rely on your overhead light to create the ambiance of a cozy space. Implementing lamps of all shapes and sizes can do wonders in creating the right mood in any space.

how to find affordable lamps

I probably have 10-15 lamps in my 2000 sq. ft. home – some large, some small. Most evenings, the only light source is from a lamp. It makes a space feel extra cozy. But when you go online or in a store to purchase 10-15 lamps, you may lose consciousness after you realize how much it could set you back!It’s pretty common to find a lamp at Goodwill or even a yard sale for less than $10. Thrift stores are usually required to test their electrical items before selling them, so I typically just give them the benefit of the doubt. Every time I go to Goodwill, I always take a moment to glance at the lamps. I’m typically looking for a lamp with a large-bellied base or unique shape. I never look at the color or finish of the lamp. That can be changed so easily, and I usually go in with the mindset of painting it in the first place.

shopping for thrifted lamps

lamp – Goodwill (unpainted)

thrifted lamp

Lamp – Goodwill | Shade – At Home

(Chalk Paint Dresser Makeover)

The one thing I usually “splurge” on is the shade. It makes any old, second-hand lamp look fresh and modern. When I say “splurge”, it means I drop $15-$20 at At Home or Target on a white drum lamp shade.

Lamp – Yard Sale | Chair – Thrift Store | Night Stand – IKEA RAST hack

Tips to Take with You:

Go to the thrift store or yard sale knowing that you will paint lamp.

You will be able to see past the ugly floral painting or 90’s brass if you know that it’s not permanent. 

Shop for the right shape

Look for large, modern, or classic bases. I typically like urn-shaped or large rounded bases. They tend look more high-end than candlestick bases.

Have a spot in your home in mind when shopping for a lamp

If you notice that your entry table could use some luminosity, think about the size, shape, and color that would be suit your space best before heading to yard sales or thrift shops. It will help you eliminate most of the choices that fill the shelves. 

Gather Inspiration from Pinterest or Instagram

Did you find “THE PERFECT LAMP” on Pinterest only to find out that it’s $250 at Pottery Barn? Take into consideration the shape and size of lamp so that you can try to recreate this amazing lamp for cheap. 

This is exactly what I did for my brushstroke lamp. I will be sharing a detailed tutorial on my next post, so make sure to check back!

brushstroke lamp knockoff


In the meantime, here are a couple thrifted lamp makeovers that I love.





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