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Home Project Goals for 2019 | Master Bedroom Design Plan

Sometimes my plans are bigger than my pocket. Does that ever happen to you? Today, I am laying out all my home project goals and visions that I hope to get done in the next 12 months. But like with any plans, some things may have to wait a little longer. It sure is fun to plan though!

Master Bedroom + Closet

This project is already in the works!

First up: our closet. We have two closets in our bedroom: a small one in the bathroom area that my husband uses and a large one that is semi-walk-in that I use. This is that one that is getting some Marie Kondo love! It’s functioning with a shelf and one long pole, but it can be so much more functional with the right closet system. Here’s a little before action…dirty clothes and all.

We are heading to IKEA this weekend to pick up our Algot Closet System that I meticulously design a few weeks ago. We used the Algot system in my daughter’s first nursery and loved not only the quality but the price point as well. (Here’s the post all about it.) You’re not going to find a more inexpensive, quality closet system than this one.

Next, is our bedroom. I found it fitting to spruce up our bedroom in the midst of our closet remodel. It’s certainly functional, but there’s just a few things I have in mind to make it a sleep sanctuary that we love on a small budget. Here’s a visual for what I’m going for. I’m still trying to figure out the art, but most are from Juniper Print Shop.

I painted the beige walls this weekend with Greek Villa by Sherwin Williams. It’s the same color I used in our family room, and my love for it has grown even more. I wrote a whole post just on this color HERE.

Also, I picked out new bedding for Christmas, which has helped with my overall design plan. I’ll be doing a whole bedding post in the next couple weeks! For now, here’s a sneak peak.

I’ve also already updated our ceiling fan by replacing the globes with THESE from Lowes. It’s amazing how much different that small change made the whole room feel.

I plan on refinishing a large FREE(!) dresser that a lady at church gave away. It will replace our current dresser and chest. That will free up some wall space and give us some breathing room since our master bedroom is on the smaller side of typical master bedrooms. Other than that, I would like to add a Roman shade (samples have been ordered!) and new curtains.

Fireplace Surround + Family Room

The surrounding walls of the fireplace has a lot to be desired. I’ve been wracking my brain for over a year as to what this space needed. Built ins? Shelves? Blanket ladder? I’m not always a component to filling up every blank wall. Your room needs to breath a little bit, but this space needs a little something.

After sketching out the wall on graph paper (old school!), I’ve finally came up with a plan. I would like to add a bench (possibly build in) on either side of the fireplace and coordinating art filling up with side of the fireplace. The vision in my head and my nerdy graph paper looks awesome, but sometimes those visions turn out to be duds so we will see.


This is the project I’m most excited about for 2019! I love having an entryway/foyer that greets our company into our home, but right now it’s sad and bare. I even took the one item out of it, the runner, and put it in our kitchen during our recent remodel. The walls are blank, the light fixture is dated, and the floors constantly look dirty with no rug. It needs just a bit of love for our entryway will set the tone for the rest of our home. I have big plans that will hopefully come alive during the spring One Room Challenge!

But These are Dreams

It’s fun to dream up ideas for your home. At least it is for me. Since my home is my “work place”, my “creativity space”, I’m constantly envisioning what it could be while also being grateful for what it is. While these goals are fun to plan, there are many factors that have to come into play before they can just magically happen.

Are we the only ones with a budget? Okay, I didn’t think so. It takes saving and sourcing before they can happen. The blogging and Instagram world can make it seem like we have all the money, all the time, and all the skill set to do large room makeovers several times the year. That’s just not the case for us, and I think that’s one of the reasons why you’re here.

This is real time, real money, and real learn-as-we-go skills.

I’m happy you’re here to follow along!

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