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Bathroom Runners | Thinking Outside the Design Box

bathroom runners

There are certain rooms or corners in our home that we all neglect. Whether it’s the guest bedroom, that corner in your dining room that collects everything that you will “eventually get to”, or your own bedroom, we all have those areas that could use a little refresh. For me, it’s my guest bathroom/main hallway bath.

When we moved in a few years ago, the hallway bathroom was one of the first rooms that got a fresh coat of paint (Dorian Gray by Benjamin Moore). We threw up our existing shower curtain and laid down our dingy white bathroom rugs and called it done. It’s certainly presentable, but it could use a small, inexpensive revamp. So, today, I’m sharing one part of the small bathroom refresh with you: RUGS.

I’m guilty of getting caught in the “since it’s a bathroom, it needs a bathroom rug” train of thought. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve considered other rug options for our bathroom. Why in the world did it take me so long?

We’re lucky to have a long vanity with double sinks, but I only have one small rug in the middle. It’s awkward and dirty. I could never find a matching pair of bathroom rugs that I liked, so the small, dirty rug hasn’t moved. Then a light bulb went off: Get a runner. Duh! Why have I never thought of this before? I immediately started searching for Pinterest for inspiration, and I found so many gorgeous options.



Not only am I looking for a runner to cover the length of the vanity, but I’m specifically looking for a vintage/Persian design to make the space feel more eclectic. The image about from Brepurposed is exactly the look I’m going for, but I’m gonna need for it to be much more affordable!


Thinking outside the design box

So many of us get caught in the department store design box where if you’re looking for an item for the kitchen, you automatically go to the kitchen area. If you don’t find it there, then you give up. Likewise with bathrooms, bedrooms, etc. Sometimes we have to think outside the box and go to the kitchen department for bathroom décor or the outdoor department for kitchen essentials. Keep an open mind when looking for specific pieces. This theory applies even in your own home.

Think about ways to repurpose what you already have for different rooms in your home.

Don’t get stuck in the box, which I so often do as well.




Though I’m still on the search for the perfect, affordable runner for my small bathroom revamp, here are a few that I’m considering. Let me know which one is your favorite!

bathroom runners

1 / 2 / 3  / 4 / 5

1 – RUGS USA / Blush Medallion / $84

2 – RUGS USA / Cherry Pink Medallion / $84

3 – Urban Outfitters / Zelda Grey / $89

4 – Urban Outfitters / Katalin Rust / $52 (backordered)

5 – RUGS USA / Silky Road Grey / $84


I’m leaning towards #4, but it’s backorder until the end of August. I guess it would be worth the wait, but I’m impatient.

Help me out! Which one is your favorite?


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