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IKEA SEKTION Kitchen Review | 1 Year Later

Last summer looked much differently than this summer. Instead of the diaper changes, bottle washing, and soothing a crying baby, it was full of sweeping dust, assembling cabinets, and washing dishes in the bathtub.

Our kitchen before the remodel was outdated and nearly crumbling away. (You can check out the before here.) I desperately wanted to tear out those nasty cabinets, but we needed high-quality, durable, and, most importantly, affordable cabinets to put in their place. I searched so many different options, and we finally decided to pull the trigger on the IKEA Sektion cabinets. (Check out the full reveal here.)


ikea sektion review


Now that we’ve lived with them for a year, I wanted to share my thoughts on their durability and functionality in case you’re in the same boat I was over a year ago. I also want to forewarn readers why IKEA kitchens may not be the best option for them.

Why We Chose IKEA Cabinets

Like I mentioned above, in order to get new cabinets, they needed to be durable and affordable. As with any of our projects, we had a budget that was not very flexible. I searched many cabinet options and realized that if we didn’t assemble them ourselves, then we couldn’t afford new cabinets – and I HAD TO HAVE new cabinets!


The average cost of new cabinets range from $15,000-$45,000. Our IKEA cabinets cost just over $4,400. You can see the break down of our remodel costs in THIS post.



We’re fairly handy and avid DIYers, so we weren’t all that intimidated by the thought of building a kitchen ourselves, though this may be daunting for many people. Don’t fret though! There are IKEA contractors all over the country who will measure and assemble your kitchen for you, but it obviously comes at a price (roughly $89 per cabinet!). Ask your local IKEA associate about assembling assistance or visit their website for more details.

I researched many ready-to-assemble cabinet companies, and IKEA had the most stylish, durable, customizable options in that specific realm of cabinetry. IKEA came out with a new cabinet system in 2015: the SEKTION. It’s a huge upgrade from their previous model. The SEKTION offers incredible storage solutions and the cabinets are made out of a high-quality fiberboard with a Melamine foil finish. They’re incredibly durable and easy to wipe down.

The SEKTION is installed using only a suspension rail for the upper and lower cabinets. As long as you’ve got your rail level and screwed in studs then the hanging of the cabinets is fairly simple.


The SEKTION’s modular system allows you to be creative when customizing your kitchen. This system maximizes the interior spaces of your cabinets and drawers, which is very unique when it comes to ready-to-assemble cabinets.


Cabinet organizational systems can sky rocket a bill in no time with most companies, but IKEA offers incredible storage solutions at a fraction of the cost. We opted for corner pull-out shelves because the one thing I despised with our old cabinets was all of the wasted space corner cabinets have. These not only swivel but pull out for easy access as well.



As I mentioned above, the modular SEKTION system allows you to be creative when designing your kitchen. All of their size options are designed to stack neatly together for a smooth design.

Height – You can choose from 15, 20, 30, or 40 inch cabinets. The options allow you to stack cabinets to fit with your overall design. For example, we chose 40″ wall cabinets so that they would go up to the ceiling. I wanted a floating shelf in the kitchen, so I also have a 20″ cabinet with a floating shelf below it.

Drawers – The drawers come in tons of different heights from 5-60 inches to allow for maximum customization. One of my favorite areas in my kitchen is the 3-drawer cabinet next to my stove. The top drawer fits my utensils and kitchen tools perfectly, while the drawers below it allow me to store my pots and pans in a convenient location. Having a large drawer for pots permits for easier access than storing them in a cabinet.


Why You Shouldn’t Choose an IKEA Kitchen


As I mentioned before, if you want an IKEA kitchen, you need to feel comfortable measuring, building, and installing the cabinets unless you hire out the task. IKEA gives you simple instructions for every single piece that goes in your kitchen, but it’s a lot of steps and a lot of boxes. In total, I think it took my husband, me, and several kind friends nearly 3 weeks to build and install all of the cabinets. If it takes you 4 tries to hang a picture then IKEA may not be your best choice.


Before you even go to IKEA to purchase your kitchen, you have to have your kitchen designed using their kitchen designing tool. This is also another step that you can hire out, but one of the main points why people choose an IKEA kitchen is to save money. If you have a generous friend to help with your design, then you’re in luck!

This was the most fun but toughest step for me. Their software is finicky and the options seem limitless. I recommend sketching out your floorplan before attempting to design it online. If choosing each and every cabinet, drawer, and accessory overwhelms you, then you IKEA may not be for you.

Once you have your rough design, you can take it to an IKEA Kitchen Planner, and they will give you design considerations and help with the ordering process.


You can place your kitchen order at the store or over the phone (which sounds like a miserable task!). If you don’t live within a 100 miles or so from an IKEA, then I would suggest considering a different option. We live about 95 miles from IKEA, and we had to make that trip up 85 several times when remodeling our kitchen for design changes and incorrect packaging. Just know that it may not be as simple as ordering your cabinets and installing them. Things come up and parts go missing.

The Verdict

I have recommended IKEA cabinets to anyone who has asked about our kitchen or who is considering a kitchen remodel. They are durable, stylish, and highly functional. I haven’t had any issues with doors sagging or drawers not closing. If we ever did another kitchen remodel, IKEA would be the first place I consider.


ikea sektion review

Have you considered an IKEA kitchen? What questions can I answer before you take the plunge?

Let me know in the comments below.

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