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Chippy Eclectic Side Table Makeover

Are you tired of my makeover posts yet? I sure hope not because this is my favorite one I’ve done in a long time!

It all started at a yard sale when I was just given a little side table because it was too mangled to sell. The doors wouldn’t shut all the way, chunks of wood were missing, and it had what appeared to be claw marks on the top.

Now I’m not the type of person to take something free JUST because it’s free. I’m too practical. I saw the character in this little table though, so it came home with me and sat in the garage in our last home collecting spiderwebs and layers of dust.

When we moved into our current home, I wiped it off and stuck it beside the sofa in the office just so that I would constantly be reminded to bring this little guy back to life. I wanted to do something fun, unique, and bold. It wasn’t until I took a trip to a local antique store when inspiration finally hit. This little guy need to be chippy green!


Supplies Used

Country Chic Paint in Wild Clover + Licorice

Country Chic Paint Natural Wax

Oval Paint Brush

Wax Brush

Sanding Block

Vinegar & Warm Water (hardware)

Disclaimer: I am a Brand Ambassador for Country Chic Paint’s and receive products in exchange for content. All thoughts and reviews are my own.

Prep Work & Hardware Cleaning

Like with all of my furniture makeovers, I cleaned the table with a gentle cleanser and removed the hardware. The hardware then went into a vinegar bath. I used apple cider vinegar this time because I didn’t have any regular distilled vinegar, and it still worked the same. Once it has soaked for at least an hour, just scrub your hardware with fine steel wool. It’s like watching magic happen right in front of your eyes!

distressed furniture


The Process

After my last two projects with Licorice (here and here), I had about 2 teaspoons leftover in the 4 oz sample jar. Without cleaning it out, I filled it up with Wild Clover and mixed it well. This made it a bit deeper, which went better with my decor and original inspiration.

This painting process was interrupted by a very important design decision. Should I paint the overlays or keep them wood? My Instagram friends made it clear to keep them wood, and I could not have agreed more.

I usually don’t distress many of my pieces anymore, but, going back to my inspiration, this one was begging for it. I took my fine grit sanding block and went to town chipping off what I had painted on only hours before. Distressing this table gave it a new/old life (if that makes sense).

A thin coat of wax buffed on in a circular motion with Country Chic Paint’s wax brush will insure that this piece looks nice and old for a long time.

Once the hardware was back on (and by the way, WOW! I didn’t know how pretty it was underneath all that grease) and the overlays screwed back in place, my visions for this mangled little yard sale table came to life. Oh, the power of paint!


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chippy side table


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