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Simple TV Corner Makeover | How I Hid the Cords

My favorite DIYs are the simple ones. The ones you can complete in just a few hours from start to finish and it really make an impact on a space. Who’s with me?

This TV stand project is just one of several that I’ll be sharing in the next few weeks that will hopefully inspire you to easily re-purpose what you already have to help you love your space even more.

We’re not big TV people. We don’t watch the one TV we own all the much, so we didn’t really want it to be a focal point of a room. We wanted it to blend in and appear tucked away as much as a 42″ TV can be. (By the way, have you seen the Samsung TV that disguises itself as wall art? Yes, please!) A nice cozy, corner spot was perfect for the large screen, but the turquoise table and dangling cords did not fit our simplistic goal.

Choosing a Paint for Furniture

In order for the TV to not make a huge statement, I decided to go with all black from head to toe. I find that the hardest part for people when painting furniture is deciding on which color to use. White is a common go-to, but if you want a classic, chic, clean piece of furniture choose black. And if you want an easy, user-friendly, no-fuss paint, a chalk or clay-based paint is your winner.

Country Chic Paint’s clay-based paint in Licorice has been used on multiple projects around my home (check my next post for another Licorice makeover). Their paint formula does not leave paint strokes and the only prep work you have to do is to clean your piece with a simple cleaner. After two coats of paint and a coat of their Clear Coat as a sealer, the little turquoise table transformed into a much more sleek, understated stand to hold our “wannabe hidden” TV.

If you’re just looking to try out Country Chic Paint, I highly suggest ordering a sample size of Licorice. The paint goes such a long ways, and black is such a great choice for accent pieces.

You can use the promo code dahlias10 for 10% off any purchase!

How to Hide TV Cords

Many people either have a mounted TV with a wall-mounted cord hider, or a TV cabinet that will hide the cords from behind. Our simple little table did neither, so I had to do as the table would do and think simply in order to clean up the cord mess.

Y’all, this isn’t a grand epiphany, but I know some of you just need to see a simple idea in order to get the gears spinning on your next project. That’s all it’s taken for me in the past! I started by adding a basket under the stand to house the surge protector. Then I gathered the cords and fastened them together in three spots with black plastic zip ties. Finish it up with a cozy throw, and call it done. Though it’s simple, it brings me so much more joy when I look over at the TV corner when I walk in our family room.

The Take Away

It really is the simple things in life, am I right? Whether it’s toning down a bright piece of furniture of just tucking away a few cords, making quick, simple changes around your home can boost your mood and your home love. I challenge you to think of a simple change you can make, one that will take less than two hours, that will make a positive impact on how your home functions.

Small changes can certainly make a great impact!

Let me know what you will do in the comments below, or tag me with your ideas on Instagram or Facebook!

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