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Going Dairy Free | My Daily Meal Guide + Pantry Staples

We grew up being taught that dairy was a vital source to grow big and strong, right? If that’s that case, then why are so many babies (and adults) sensitive to the protein in cow’s milk?

I had this question, and many more, when I finally had an answer after finding blood in my colicky newborn’s stool. Her pediatrician recommended I eliminate all forms of dairy, casein, and whey since I wished to continue breastfeeding, or I could spend a small fortune on hypoallergenic formula.

After 6-8 weeks of being dairy free and experiencing a completely different baby, it led me on a discovery health journey that changed my entire family’s diet. 

Eliminating dairy can be a daunting task for a typical American diet. Diary is found in the majority of processed and quick service foods, even Diet Coke! Without the right resources, it can feel like all you can eat is lettuce and celery everyday, but that’s just not the case. Once you discover all of the whole foods and spices that make up for a well-balanced, healthy, flavorful diet that will not only help your baby but will change the way you look and feel, it is totally worth the elimination. My daughter is almost 15 months now and no longer has a dairy sensitivity, but we still continue the dairy-free life as much as we can for a number of health benefits.

After being dairy-free for a year, I’ve gathered several tips to easily living dairy-free:

To read more, head over to Chattanooga Mom’s Blog for my typical daily diet, favorite recipes, and tips!

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