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10 Hospital Bag Essentials for Mom

As I’m preparing my bag for baby #2, I now know what I need to bring to make myself comfortable and what not to bring that the hospital typically provides. You want to bring as little as possible while also feeling like you have a few comforts from home, so I’ve condensed my bag to the absolute essentials to hopefully help out my fellow expecting mommas!

hospital bag essentials mom1| Postpartum Pajamas  2| Nursing Bras  3| Cotton Brief Underwear  4| Concealer  5| Waterproof Mascara  6| Cleansing Balm  7| No-Slip Socks  8|Going Home Outfit (Shirt | Leggings | Shoes9| Chargers  10| Snacks

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The Bag

Before we get into the essentials, let’s talk about the bag. This one from Target is the perfect size and a classic weekender bag. It looks a lot more expensive than what it is – $39! 

hospital bagTarget

1 | Postpartum Pajamas

I recently bought THE SOFTEST postpartum nursing pajamas at Target. The shirt has slits on the sides and will easily tuck into loops on either shoulder. The bottoms are cropped with a soft elastic band that can be worn with or without a bump. I can see myself wearing these well past my postpartum days!


2 | Nursing Bra

These are great to wear during delivery and after. They’re soft, comfortable, and gives you a light support. I lived in these for the first couple months after my first daughter was born, so I’m making sure to have a nice supply for baby #2. 

3 | Cotton Underwear

I’m sure you’ve heard it before, but just in case you haven’t – buy some granny panties. Your body goes through a lot and does weird things in the healing process. Buying 100% cotton full-coverage underwear will bring you a bit of comfort in the area that just isn’t comfortable after delivering a baby. These are super cute pack of 6, 100% cotton, and less than $10!Target

4 | Beauty Counter Concealer 

This concealer on my face even on those “no makeup days” . It safely hides the dark circles and veins while giving me a glow. I’m not looking for a full face of make while at the hospital, but let’s face it, lots of pictures are being made so why not dab on a bit of concealer? Beauty Counter

5 | Waterproof Mascara 

Essential? Maybe not. But it sure it nice to look awake even when you don’t feel like it. Waterproof will obviously last you a couple days through the happy and exhausted tears! I picked up the Loreal Voluminous Waterproof Mascara for my bag.

6| Beauty Counter Cleansing Balm

This triple tasking product is the only skincare product needed in your bag! It cleanses, removes makeup, and moisturizes. I rub a nickle size all over of my dry skin, then I’ll get a warm, damp cloth to clean it off. I will then get a small amount and massage it into my skin for an overnight mask or daily moisturizer. It several does it all and is so great to travel with!

7 | Warm No-Slip Socks

Slippers are great, but you usually don’t wear them to bed. Warm no-slip socks are great for the cold, hard hospital floors for getting up in the middle of the night to nurse/feed or change your baby without fooling with finding your slippers. I recommend these for dads too! Aren’t these no slip socks the cutest for delivery?

8 | Going Home Outfit

Since I’m having a baby in the cooler months, my going home outfit has changed a bit. I’m still keeping it simple though. Maternity leggings, button up tunic, and slip-on shoes. Let’s just call this my postpartum uniform. 

Shirt  |  Maternity Leggings  |  Sneakers

9 | Chargers

Camera, phone, iPad…whatever device you bring to record and document those first sweet moments, don’t forget the charger! If you’re like me, you’ll be filling up your phone’s memory with as many pictures as you can, so make sure it’s well charged. 

This is a great universal charger that is compatible with Android or iPhone. Plus, it’s so easy to use!

10 | Snacks!

If you plan to nurse, make sure to bring plenty of snacks for energy throughout the night. Also, your spouse or significant other will be so very thankful for that Lara Bar, trailmix, pretzels, or popcorn.


 This 24 pack vegan snack pack is not only great for your postpartum snack stash, it also makes an awesome gift for your new mom friends!


hospital bag essentials

What other items do you feel like are essential during and after delivery?


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