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A Touch of Mid Century Modern | Bedroom Edition

This post is sponsored by AllModern. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Though Mid-Century Modern is referring to a specific time in history where furniture was made in a certain way, specific colors were on trend, and fun patterns and finishes sealed the style, it’s a truly timeless way to fill your home with pieces that will endure trends.  

My love of thrifted, hand-me-down, upcycled décor set my love for the Mid-Century Modern (MCM) style years ago. Does that mean I have to have a decked out MCM home or else? Absolutely not! Touches of the sleek, warm MCM pieces add a depth of modern, lived-in character that brings a home’s style together perfectly. This holds true for my latest and final main bedroom makeover! I’m calling it my Neutral Mid Century Boho Bedroom. Let’s take a look…

Check out my Neutral Mid Century Modern Boho Bedroom Mood Board here.

It All Started with the Bed

Your personal style changes and that is normal and ok! We bought a pretty upholstered bed 7 years ago that I loved at the time, but it was just no longer my style. When the opportunity arose to sell the bed and get a new one, I knew just what I wanted. I knew the warmth of the classic Mid Century walnut, low profile, and sleek lines would stand that test of time. When I saw this wood bed from AllModern at such an incredible price, I knew it was the one!

mid century boho bedroom

AllModern Armand Platform Bed

Tips for Blending Styles that I use Throughout My Home

To add more of a boho feel that I love, I gathered these inexpensive tassel pillow covers and moved the beloved basket wall from our staircase to above our bed. This is where it was meant to be! Also, the texture of the vintage fur blanket, feathery pampas grass, and brass elements just hit a cord with me like no other style does. I love adding boho elements because of the cozy, inviting vibe. I also think it blends perfectly with the casual, sleek Mid Century feel as well. 

Also, another trick I like to use is adding classic, traditional pieces that will stand the test of time. Hence the night stand, lighting, and rug.

mid century boho bedroom

We needed a new rug that fit our space better. Here’s how I landed on this one: my husband requested a darker paint color (I wasn’t going to paint the walls!), and I wanted one that pulled from the green in our art and beautiful trees out our window. I found this stunning 8×10 vintage-like Loloi rug so affordably on Amazon! It checked all the boxes.

(Source | Amazon)

Lastly, I’m a fan of keeping things neutral, especially in a bedroom. Just the calming hues and warm tones does something to your mood to get you into a space of rest. No matter your style, or mix of styles, consider a neutral pallet for your bedroom with a 1-2 pops of colors either in your bedding, art, or rug. For me, my chosen color is a deep green. 

Adding Mid Century Pieces to Your Home

1 | Consider One Statement Piece – this can be a larger piece of furniture in the MCM style to ground your space. 

2 | Add in Another Style with Accents – whether its accent tables, chairs, or textiles, this is where your mix of styles come into play. 

3 | Stick with a Color Story – this will add cohesiveness to your mix of styles. Whether it’s neutral or bold, make sure your mix of styles each hold true to the color, mood, vibe your going for in your space. 

For more Mid Century Modern ideas, check out AllModern’s extensive Mid Century Modern collection!



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