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2016 Home Favorites

Today, I want to give you a glimpse into my home favorites of 2016. This list includes products in my own home and products/trends that I would love to implement into my home. I go from knobs to paint colors and everything in between. It’s tough to narrow down my favorite designs and interiors to a random list of ten.
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1. Fresh Balsam Candle   2. Fiddle Leaf Fig   3. Benjamin Moore Light Pewter   4. Wood/Metal Knob   5. Kilm Rug   6. Brass Floor Lamp   7. Ikea Cutting Board   8. Fairy Terrarium   9. Dark Green Interiors   10. Painted Interior Doors


1.  Bath and Body Works – Fresh Balsam Candle

I could burn this candle every day for 6 months out of the year and be a happy girl. It’s woodsy without being over-powering or artificial. The scent will transport you to the Maine woods on a snowy day. Just shut your eyes for a minute and picture that. Ok, now go buy this candle already!

2. Fiddle Leaf Fig Tree

I’m pretty sure this was THE house plant of 2016, and I was one of the suckers who filled her home with them. I purchased two immature plants from Home Depot last January, and they’ve done great! You’re going to drop some cash for mature Fiddle Figs, so I suggest being patient and purchase the younger plants. I placed them in woven baskets by windows and give them a good watering every 7-10 days. Would it be too much if I put one every room? Please tell me no.

3. Benjamin Moore Light Pewter

This paint color happened by random chance. I usually comb through Pinterest for days looking for the just the right shade of white, but I had to choose one on a whim while at Ace Hardware so that we could get our kitchen painted before moving in. It was such a gem of a find. I consider it the perfect gray. It’s not too cool or too warm. I’ve used it in several spaces in our home. It needs to replace the ever so popular Revere Pewter. Let’s make the trend happen! 

4. Hobby Lobby – Wood Metal Knob

This is one of my newer finds, but I’m melting over them. I’m using them on baby girl’s closet doors. I love them so much, I nearly had a moment of weakness. I contemplated purchasing some for every closet door in our house. I resisted…for now.
P.S. I can’t wait to show you the nursery design board in a few weeks!

5. Urban Outfitters – Kilm Rug

This is just one of two kilm rugs that I’ve ordered from Urban Outfitters this year. It gives me the vintage rug feel at a fraction of the cost. I’m using this one in the nursery, and I bought a similar one for the kitchen.

6. Target – Brass Floor Lamp

Brass is definitely back. This is the perfect minimalist lamp for any room. Target has the best affordable lighting options. A few more of my favorites are here, here, and here.

7. Ikea Cutting Board     

I considered saving this one for my kitchen work horse post, but I just couldn’t keep it to myself. This butcher block cutting board has a lip the fits on the edge of your counter top. This is a permanent fixture in my kitchen and gets used on a daily basis. If you have a straight or slightly rounded edge countertop, spend your hard-earned $16 on this guy!

8. Fairy Terrariums

If I could have a room dedicated to fairy gardens without being viewed as “That Lady with a Fairy Garden Room”, then I would. They are so whimsical and easy to make. There are tons of Pinterest articles on how to create one. The only problem is that kids see them as toys. Tsk. Tsk.

9. Dark Green Interiors

This was a trend for 2016 that is easily going to carry its way through 2017 as well. I will be doing a post covering all things moody interiors soon, but I just can’t stop thinking about green walls. I need to find a room to paint dark green pronto! Accessories will work in the meantime while I get over my fears of painting a wall green.

10. Painted Interior Doors

I bought a can of black paint on a whim several months ago when I saw a picture of black interior doors. I highly considered painting every interior door black, but reasoned with myself, as I do daily, and only painted my front door and closet door black. And like typical Diana style, I took the can of paint back to Home Depot to get it lightened. I’m so glad I did. The dark blue adds just the contrast my entryway needed without being stark black. This is such an easy way to add a pop of color to your house. Give it a go!


Though these are my 2016 favorites, I’m really excited to expand on a few of these trends in 2017. I’ll be interested to see how my style develops and what trends will come in the New Year.

What are some of your home favorites that I need to check out in 2017?

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