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Splurge vs. Save: Kitchen Hardware

If you’re looking to spruce up your kitchen this spring, but are not looking to spend thousands on a full renovation, consider switching out the hardware. It can be one of the most budget-friendly updates you can make to your kitchen. Kitchen hardware can completely transform the style of your kitchen and make it feel fresh and updated with very little labor and expense.

While searching for stylish hardware when renovating our kitchen, I was stunned by how expensive it can be to embellish every drawer and door with pulls and knobs. The ones I loved cost anywhere from $15-$40 per piece. If you’re a wiz at quick addition, that’s a ton of money if you need 14 pulls and 14 knobs. It just wasn’t in our budget to go overboard with the hardware. Luckily, we reused the knobs from our previous kitchen and found dupes at IKEA for the expensive pulls that I originally wanted.

For those of you who love a bargain as much as I do, I spent hours compiling a list of budget-friendly option for stylish, name-brand knobs and pulls.

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From top left to right: Look in the Attic / Etsy / Schoolhouse Electric / Etsy / Schoolhouse Electric / Etsy / House of Antique Hardware / Home Depot

The hexagon knobs from Schoolhouse Electric are extremely popular right now for two reasons: the trendy gold finish and the modern shape. I found a fantastic Etsy shop, Forge Hardware Studio, that carries so many amazing, affordable hardware options that are nearly identical to Schoolhouse Electric’s style.


Quick rule of thumb, knobs on doors and pulls on drawers, but you can obviously use whatever you want, wherever you want in your own kitchen.

From top left to right: Rejuvenation / IKEA / Anthropologie / Lowes / Schoolhouse Electric / Etsy / Schoolhouse Electric / Lowes

Finding a more affordable option is especially exciting when you like the cheaper one better. This holds true for the gold, T-bar pull from Schoolhouse Electric. When I first saw it, I immediately needed to find a drawer for it, but $76 for a 6″ pull is ridiculous. It must be made out of pure gold. Then I found the dupe from Etsy that I love even more for only $12!

In our kitchen remodel, our knobs were in great condition and they were a classic shape and finish, so I reused those, which was easily an $80-$100 savings. When it came to the pulls, I needed to find ones with the same polished nickel finish. I absolutely loved the look of the ones at Rejuvenation. They are classic, yet modern and sleek. I needed 9 – 6″ pulls and 5 – 12″-16″ pulls. The Rejuvenation pulls would’ve cost $360. The Varnhem pulls at IKEA have the same style and finish for a fraction of the cost.

Our final cost was $89, roughly a $350 savings!

Which budget friendly option is your favorite? What other splurge vs save roundups would you like to see? Let me know in the comments below.

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