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Winter Favorites and Current Must-Haves

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done a true favorites round-up. Every time I try something I enjoy, find a product that benefits my family, or notice that I’ve been going back to the same thing over and over, I think, “I need to share this with my readers/friends!”

Turkish Towels

I’ve shared my loved for the look of Turkish towels since the very beginning of this little home of mine, but I’ve recently started using one from Turkish Original, and now I want to toss every regular cotton towel in my house. They’re so light weight but absorb so much water. I don’t even understand how it does it. I have probably 15 regular cotton bath towels, but I just keep going back to my Turkish towel. The other ones just do not compare.

They’re not only super stylish hanging on your towel hook or folded on a shelf, they’re incredible soft and absorbent. Win, win!

I absolutely think it would be worth the cost of buying 4-5 Turkish towels to replace your old cotton towels. I’m tempted to do so myself!


Beauty Counter – Countermatch Skin Care

If you would’ve told me a year ago that I would be spending $150 on skin care, I would’ve said, “You’re ridiculous!” (to myself, of course). To me, that’s a lot of money to spend on anything, especially lotions, but I’m here to tell you that I’m converted!

If you haven’t heard of Beauty Counter, they’re an incredible skin care and cosmetics company that has banned over 1,500 harmful or questionable chemicals in their products. Yes, other companies, even the “good” ones, use chemicals that are banned or restricted in most other countries. Unbelievable!

Not only do I trust what I’m putting on my skin, it has transformed it as well. The Countermatch Collection has made my skin softer, clearer, and more even than it’s ever ben. Y’all, I don’t sell this stuff. I just love it. Go ahead and call me your regular ole skin care snob, but I may never go back to over-the-counter skin care.

Read more about Beauty Counter here.


High Rise Skinny Jeans

If you didn’t know, I had my first baby 9 months ago. Though I feel positive about my post baby weight, things just aren’t the same. Hence, the high rise jeans. If I could wear my high rise skinny jeans every day and not have to wait for them to get washed (by me), I would. They suck me in and hide anything and everything. Also, I can wear my favorite sweater crops without showing the dreaded mid-drift.

Mine are Mossimo, but the ones from Universal Thread are very similar.


DockaTot Grand

Did you know that the DockaTot Deluxe+ was the most popular baby registry item of 2017? I didn’t register for one personally because we had a Rock n’ Play and a Boppy Lounger that I thought would suffice. She quickly outgrew both of those items, and then the DockaTot Grand came into our lives!

(We have the Pristine White Grand with the Lush and Fern cover.)

The DockaTot Grand is for babies and toddlers 9-36 months or 22-40 lbs. If any of their items is worth the investment, it’s certainly the Grand. It’s an incredibly versatile product. It can be used as a travel bed, crib-to-bed transitioning, or as a lounger (the way we use it most often). It’s made out of breathable, washable, and hypo-allergenic materials and is built to last even the most rambunctious little one.


Olive has loved playing with her blocks or just rolling around in the our Dockatot Grand. It has given her such a cozy little spot of her own to play, lounge, and roll around. The thing I personally like about it is the amazing fabric! I wish I had the same botanical fabric for our bed sheets. It’s beautiful, and it’s not an eye-sore to our living space like some child products can be.

Get $10 off your Dock by clicking HERE.

(Product was sent to me by DockaTot, but all thoughts and reviews are my own.)


Minimalist Baker

If you read my post on Finding Freedom in Motherhood, you would’ve saw where my husband and I eat primarily a plant-based diet. We haven’t cut out all meat and he still eats some dairy, but most of our meals are meatless and we’re eating a ton more veggies. I struggled finding a variety of plant-based meals and desserts that were delicious and simple, then I found Minimalist Baker! I use Dana’s recipes for 90% of my cooking now. I need to order her cookbook already! She uses simple ingredients and creates recipes that are filling and delicious. I want to be her best friend…

A few of my favorites have been:

One Pot Minestrone
Quinoa Taco Meat
Everyday Lentil Soup
Vegan French Toast
Almond Meal Chocolate Chip Cookies


What has been your favorite product, recipe, or blog lately?

Let me know in the comments below. I love hearing from you. 


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