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My Faux Olive Tree and Your Guide to Finding the Perfect Faux Tree

faux olive tree

I have a thing for olives. My oldest daughter is even holds the namesake – Olive. An olive is a spiritual symbol for peace and tranquility, so it’s completely understandable why people are now wanting olive trees in their homes. The small leaf tree trend isn’t going anywhere with its charming, stylish feel that it adds to any room. Unless you live in Mediterranean climate though, it’s going to be tricky keeping a real one alive. Trust me, I dropped $90 on one only for it to bite the dust within a month. That’s why, in this case, I say, “Go faux!”

Disclosure | This post is sponsored by Nearly Natural. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

My Case for Faux Plants

faux olive tree

I’m all about real house plants. My home is full of them. As much as I love real plants, I love the feel of green and nature in my home even more. That’s why I’m completely on board with faux plants where needed.

Dark Rooms

 A windowless room or dark hallway are ideal spots for faux plants because there’s no chance you’re going to keep a real plant alive with no sunlight. Prop one up on a stool or small table for instant texture and style in a dark space.

A Favorite Plant

If you have a plant in mind that you adore but don’t trust yourself, climate, or environment in keeping it alive, go faux. This is where my olive tree comes into play. I adore the natural, small leaf, woody element an olive tree brings to a space. They add charm and style to any space, but cue the story above. It’s not worth risking another $90 to give it another go. 

A Black Thumb

 Let’s be honest. Not all of us have the time, want to, or know how to keep a plant alive. That doesn’t mean those people don’t love plants or want them in their home though. If you still want greenery in your home but have that dreaded black thumb, I give you permission to go faux for the sake of having a plant in your home.

The Most Important Factor in Faux Plants

Does it look real? Do you have to take a double look? If you answered yes to either one of these questions, then that is the number one factor in determining a good faux plant. You want one to look as real as possible. 

faux olive tree

My olive tree from Nearly Natural seriously shocked me when I got it out of the box. Though leaves are shaded perfectly, it’s the trunk and limbs that look incredibly realistic. You usually pay $$$ for realistic features like these. This 5′ olive tree is a steal for $153!

faux olive tree

Planting a Faux Plant/Tree

faux olive tree

A basket is your best friend when finding a home for your faux plant or tree. Just find one tall enough to hide the pot of course. A large cement planter would also be beautiful and very fitting for an olive tree. 

Many people use dried moss in their baskets or planter to hide the pot, but with a crawling baby who can’t keep her hands out of my other real plants, I knew moss would be a constant battle. That’s why I just threw a blanket in my basket for a more cozy, non-choking hazard vibe. 

The Best Faux Trees for Your Home

In the sake of an indoor tree, bigger is usually better. Don’t skimp on size when choosing a tree. If you have standard 8′ ceilings like I do, consider choosing a tree at least 5′-6′ in height.



Nearly Natural is a go-to for natural looking faux plant lovers. Their real touch Fiddle Leaf Figs are incredibly impressive. Their plants are also such a good price for the size and quality!

guide to faux trees

1. Olive Tree – $153     2. Rubber Tree – $170     3. Kentia Palm – $114

4. Fiddle Leaf Fig – $146     5. Travelers Palm – $119     6. Ficus – $124

If I had to choose two trees for any home, it would be an olive tree and fiddle leaf fig. If you’re looking for something a little more tropical try a palm of course. I really like the Traveler’s Palm and Kentia Palm. For a tradition, classic look go for a rubber tree or your no-fail fiscus. 


Do you have a faux tree in your home? If not, which tree would you love to add to your space?



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